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sleep or Jojo’s……………. . . .

Nicki Minaj bts MTV EMA’s 2014 photoshoot

  1. me: *makes a text post*
  2. me @ me: shut the fuck up
  3. me: *deletes text post*

why the fuck does the 4th episode of Gurren Lagann look like it was animated using Flash??  it’s so annoying because it was looking so good?? ?  the plot in this one is lame too, though I do like the Black Siblings…


oh my god i just discovered a site where you can by bulk candy by color/flavor

you can buy two pounds of exclusively pink starbursts

you can buy endless red skittles

i never thought i’d see heaven

Title: Turn Me On

Artist: Kevin Lyttle

Played: 51733 times

Turn Me On - Kevin Lyttle (320 kbps)

It’s so beautiful